mission statement

My mission is to help all athletes reach their peak. I help athletes to unlock their full potential. I do this by helping them:

1. Exhibit dedication to hard work.

2. Practice their skill set until they can’t get it wrong.

3. Maximize their physical abilities by correctly and constantly challenging their bodies.

Hard work and the right plan will give each athlete the excellence to compete at the next level.


All my life I’ve loved playing sports. I started with baseball, added basketball in junior high and started playing football as a sophomore in high school. I enjoyed playing all 3 sports for different reasons, but I’ve always loved baseball more.

I was successful not because I was tremendously skilled, but because I did all the work my coaches asked and more. In the summer, I tried to figure out ways to work out but plateaued at lifting a certain weight and getting to a certain size.

In 2014 I decided to get certified as a personal trainer. I wanted to change my career path and I missed sports. Through studying I found all the answers I wish I had back in high school. I knew why I stopped at a certain size, why I plateaued, and why I couldn’t get more out of my body.

With my deep understanding of baseball, and the knowledge of maximizing the power of the body, I can confidently state that I can help ANY athlete get to the next level

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I am a certified personal trainer and strength coach through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Through them I have also studied youth exercise specifics, postural analysis and speed/agility testing and training.


Through Drivelines Baseball instructor courses I have been certified in their scientific approach to both pitching and hitting. This takes not only body mechanics and health, but also how to maximize the proper sequencing of the body and how to use the different technologies to track, breakdown, and diagnose opportunities for players to excel.


For the past 7 years I have been coaching sports in different organizations in baseball, basketball and flag football. Starting with my son’s teams in youth and working a few seasons with older kids in the high school age for baseball. In 2021-2022 school year I took over as the varsity coach at Santa Teresa High School and won the school’s first CCS championship in the 2022-2023 school year.

These experiences have allowed me to perfect my teaching philosophies, organize clear expectations for different levels of play, and perfect communication and teaching methods for different ages.